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The Saxmundham and District Community Interest Company have now published the long awaited community plan for Saxmundham area and thank all those who participated in it's making:


NB> To read the documents below, please click on the title.


1.) MicrosoftWord-SEBS-SADCICFinalSurveyReport161008  Oct 2008

The Saxmundham & District Survey Report produced by Suffolk Enterprise Business Support. The research was by way of a mass postal survey to nearly 5,500 residences in the IP17 postal code area (Saxmundham & District). The report is based on a return of nearly 20% of the questionnaires posted out. These findings led to the Saxmundham Community Plan.


2.) Saxmundham Community Plan 4.2 version  Feb 2009

The Saxmundham Community Plan, produced in conjunction with The Civic Trust, produces a Vision for Saxmundham and an Action plan to achieve it. The flagship action is the establishment of a Community Enterprise Centre as a multi-function, multi-agencvy building, involving the Third Sector, The Public Sector and the Private Sector.


3.) The Community Enterprise Centre - Draft Outline for Discussion  March 2009

The illustrated Community Enterprise Centre could contain a new library with an internet café, a large hall for indoor sports such as basketball, badminton and 5-a-side football which could also double as an entertainment/conference centre seating 400 people, a youth club base and innovative facilities such as a recording studio and a community radio station, to reflect local wishes...


4.) Report to Saxmundham Town Council annual meeting April 2009   

This is the 1-page summary handout that accompanied the SADCIC presentation to the community on April 20th.


5.)  Site for the Saxmundham Community Enterprise Centre Oct 2009

A review of all possible sites for the proposed Community Enterprise Centre and final selection - for discussion with key stakeholders.


6.) The SADCIC leaflet - May 2010 ay 2010


7.) The Saxmundham Community Enterprise Centre- Draft Outline for Discussion May 2010

The Saxmundham Middle School will close in June 2012. It provides an excellent opportunity, as a base facility, to convert and refurbish it into the SADCIC proposed Community Enterprise Centre, based on the wishes of the local communty.

It is vital that we gear up to maximise the benefit that we can derive from this opportunity. If we do not plan for and resource this opportunity adequately then we will miss out on a major and indeed once only opportunity for this generation of our community. Equally important is that we should maximise the opportunity thus created to provide a lasting local legacy of jobs, skills and both community and enterprise facilities.


With the potential arrival of Sizewell C, both events represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Together they could provide an extremely powerful boost to the well-being of an area with a relatively-high deprivation factor and paucity of local amenities.

Please click here for a diagrammatic representation of what the Saxmundham Community Enterprise Centre might look like in terms of facilities and enterprise and community uses




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