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"The SADCIC is a good example of the community getting together and deciding what they want - and then going out to get it.  The County Council is encouraging more communities to look at what Saxmundham have done and to emulate them.  We are facing severe economic pressures and will not be able to keep all services going.  It is important to us to find out what services the community values.  In Saxmundham you have clearly identified those services and we will work with you to help as much as we can."

Jane Storey, Deputy Leader of Suffolk County Council


“ Suffolk County Council is extremely keen to work with local communities and in this case to encourage and support this volunteer investment to improve the economic and social well-being of Saxmundham.”

Rae Leighton, Suffolk County Councillor for the Blything division


“This project presents a very exciting opportunity to provide much needed facilities for the people of Saxmundham. We would like to see the launch of the Community Enterprise Centre in 2012-13 and look forward to working in close partnership with Suffolk County Council and others to turn the vision into reality.”

Ron Warren MBE, former Chair of Saxmundham Town Council and current Chair of SADCIC



"Everyone on the committee at Brook Farm Residents Association supports the project of Saxmundham Community Interest Company. Wherever a resource centre is situated, it will be beneficial to the Town and surrounding areas and certainly to the youth who I feel need facilitates within the next few years. There are a lot of youngsters approaching the teen years and that is the most important age to keep them occupied with all types of activities. I do hope this project takes off soon, even with the so called excuses of ‘Economic Constraints’, Saxmundham deserves this. Please keep up the good work of S.A.D.C.I.C. and I know you all work hard to reach a common goal for the people of Saxmundham."

Terry Barrow, Chair, Brook Farm Residents Association



"We are looking forward to this exciting opportunity materialising in Saxmundham where local amenities are very thin on the ground. The Community Enterprise Centre will at last provide everyone in the area with a focal point for meeting their social and economic needs. It will also provide our transition training workshops with a home in the community where everyone can meet and move towards greater community inclusion.”

Don Tricker, CEO, PASTEL Community Interest Company


"Without this facility it is likely our group will close. We are currently expanding and hope to also incorporate older members. We strongly support this as a project to enable us to continue to exist as a charity in Saxmundham, where we have had a presence4 for over 7 years."

Anne Chaplin, Divisional Superintenden, St John Ambulance Cadets & Badgerst


"I think your vision is excellent and just what Saxmundham needs.We have some groups that require WiFi, space for dancing and other activities and smaller meetings."

Pat Dowding, Secretary, U3A in East Suffolk


"Keep up the good work."

Jill Sedge, St.John's Parent & Toddler Group


"The WI in Peasenhall support all that you are trying to achieve."

Christine Cox, Secretary, Peasenhall WI



At the end of March (2011) there was another in a series of public consultation exercises in the Saxmundham Markert Hall. This one covered Suffolk County Council's "New Strategic Direction", the "Big Society" and the opportunities for Saxmundham, The Saxmundham & District Community Interest Company (SADCIC) it's history and vision for the future, the proposed SADCIC Community Enterprise Centre and the future of Saxmundham Library.

There were over 120 attendees.

At the consultation, attendees were offered the opportunity to register their feedback - rating the experience, what they had learnt and the option to record further comments, queries and suggestions.

Here is the analysis of those who took up this offer along with all the comments, queries and suggestions recorded here in full.


Q.1 How interesting did you find the consultation?


A.1     -% (not at all)     15% (a little)     66% (very)     19% (extremely)



Q.2 How useful did you find the consultation?


A.2     -% (not at all)     24% (a little)     60% (very)      16% (extremely)



Q.3 How well do you now understand SADCIC and its plans?

A.3     -% (not at all)    24% (a little)      58% (very)      18% (extremely)



Q.4 How supportive are you of the voluntary community interest group SADCIC?


A.4      -% (not at all)    17% (a little)     53% (very)      30% (extremely



Q.5 How supportive are you of the proposal for the Saxmundham Community Enterprise Centre?

A.5      -% (not at all)     9% (a little)     55% (very)       36% (extremely)



Q.6 How supportive are you for a new larger, and more enhanced, library in the proposed Saxmundham Community Enterprise Centre?


A.6      -% (not at all)    10% (a little)     43% (very)      47% (extremely)



Q.7 What other comments, queries or suggestions do you have to help further SADCIC and the proposed Saxmundham Community Enterprise Centre?

This sounds very exciting and a positve move for Sax.

I think the free school project would be so good for Saxmundham. I feel the SADCIC enterprise might take away support from this.

Really impressive proposal - let's hope that all the various agencies can realise the potential that Saxmundham now has to offer.

Try to ensure that t is accessible by all ages and abilities.

Ensure people get involved anf not leave it to someone else.

I would like to see it go ahead.

Need workshop space for artists.

The committee has done a fantastic job so far. I hope the centre comes about

.If this can be made to work it must benefit the whole community.

It increases people's confidence to feel they can offer help and skills!

I would like to see Mingle (a local community group), the library, TV's, computers, training and a cafe in the centre.

An observation - the Middle School is not very accessible for much of the town eg elderly.

Very useful event - helpful to have presentation available on website.    Done (click here).

Well done!!!

Good luck!

Nothing pertinent at present time.

Glad you are around.

If it came to a straight choice between a school or a community centre I would chosse a school. However, I support any initiative to avoid having neither!

I know the enterprise needs to make money but the size of the commercial unit seems large in relaton to the community space.

There needs to be provision for the visualy disabled eg talking books and adapted toilets.

More directors with skills in fundraising, admin etc...plus volunteers from possible users.

I can't see where the money is coming from for the ongoing costs.You think businesses will be clamouring to rent rooms but you only have a couple of outline intents. I doubt the need / viability of a recording studio/ (community) radio station - very expensive kit. And the library is bound to cost far more than it does at prsent - but I wish you luck and hope I'm wrong!

There should be provision for study rooms in the library and a seperate area for young children.

I'm still concerned about the county's New Strategic Direction - but interested in the possibility of the new centre.

I think it is vital that the property is retained for the use of the community.

It's a fantastic one-off opportunity! go for it!

This should not be igored.and needs to go ahead.


...and there were 20 offers to become a volunteer...








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