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As a result of widespread popular support,

SADCIC's flagship project was to be the creation

of an exciting Community Enterprise Centre, by 2013,

based on the to-be redundant

Saxmundham Middle School site.

SADCIC has formed a Joint Project Board

with Suffolk County Council to work on a

Feasability Report and Business Plan

for the proposed Community Enterprise Centre.

The Community Enterprise Centre 

was seen as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

- to provide a major community hub

for social, leisure, health and employment

in the IP17 district.


To download a 2 page document

  on the original proposition for a  

Saxmundham Community Enterprise Centre,

click here



This Community Enterprise Centre would have housed

some public sector/social enterprise staff,

along with

many new all-day/all-week community amenities,

including community groups and "after-school" clubs:


Phase 1


  • Reception Area
  • Public Library / LEAP (Local Employment Access Project) / Community Learning / Information, Advice and Guidance* / Tourist Information / Navigation Centre
  • Cafe / IT suite
  • Community Garden
  • Main Hall with Stage (for indoor sports, shows, performances etc)
  • Outdoore Sports Area (eg Basketball, 5-a-side Football)
  • Changing rooms, showers etc
  • Social Care Day Room + facilities
  • Creche


Phase 2


  • Multi-media Area (including Recording Studio / Community Radio Station)
  • Youth Centre
  • Fitness Room / Community Gym


Phase 3

  • Conference / Training* / Civic Functions area
  • Bar (for evening/weekend events)
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Dining / Meeting Room


* = priority focus on:

    • Energy
    • Information & Communications
    • Food, Drink and Horticulture
    • Tourism and Hospitality

The co-location of services at a single point not only reduces running costs (shared resources/collaboration) but also makes the venue much more attractive to local users, in a rural community.

The Community Enterprise Centre was set to become a

"24/7" hub -a local service cluster

- to encourage and support the

economic, social, health and environmental wellbeing

of ALL the people of Saxmundham

and the surrounding area.


To see the

Saxmundham Community Enterprise leaflet,

please click here.


Suffolk County Council produced a feasability and costing report and, while waiting for the Middle School to close, invited SADCIC to lease the greatly under-utilised old 'Saxmundham Resource Centre' - to develop it as an interim make-shift community centre - with the idea that everything could be transferred to the old Middle School building as soon as it became available and 'hit the ground running...

However, at the eleventh hour, a group of local parents made a bid to retain the building for educational use (which had priority over community use).

Although submitted with a weak business plan the idea was rescued by the Seckford Trust, aiming to set up multiple free schools in Suffolk. And, in due course, the Saxmundham Free School was established...



SADCIC would look to own

and look after the site and facilities,

while encouraging and supporting

other local social enterprises

to provide the various services

for the IP17 community.







please click here


The SADCIC / SCC Joint Project Board

l-r: Linda Farnworth (SCC), Don Tricker (SADCIC), Cllr. Ken Howe (STC),

Cllr. Marian Andrews (SCDC), Phil Peeling (SADCIC), Robin Potter (SADCIC),

Steve Palmer (SADCIC), Ian Buxton (BT) & Cllr. Rae Leighton (SCC)

SCC = Suffolk County Council

SADCIC = The Saxmundham & District Community Interest Company

STC = Saxmundhm Town Council

SCDC = Suffolk Coastal District Council

BT = British Telecommunications plc

Since this meeting, in January 2011, Don Tricker has also been elected

to the Saxmundham Town Council







Go/No Go on Middle School

August 2011

Business Plan

September 2011

Contract with SCC

November 2011

Funding Sourced

June 2012

CEC Refurbishment

November  2012


CEC Launch!



Spring 2013


The development of the Sizewell nuclear facility over the next 2-12 years will provide an immense opportunity and challenge to our area of Suffolk .

It is vital that Suffolk gears up to maximise the benefit that we can derive from this very significant opportunity. If we do not plan for and resource this opportunity adequately then we will miss out on a major and indeed once only opportunity for this generation of our community. Equally important is that we should maximise the opportunity thus created to provide a lasting local legacy of jobs, skills and both community and enterprise facilities.

At the end of the summer term in 2012 the Saxmundham Middle School will be closed. This raises the potential to use the site to provide the Community Enterprise Centre, as proposed by The Saxmundham & District Community Interest Company (SADCIC) - following stated wants and needs of local residents, as detailed in the SADCIC survey report.

Both events represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Together they could provide an extremely powerful boost to the well-being of an area with a relatively-high deprivation factor and paucity of local amenities.

The Saxmundham & District Community Interest Company are currently in dialogue with the major stakeholders eg EDF, BT, Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Saxmundham Town Council and the Local Strategic Partnership to explore ways of working together to realise the SADCIC Community Enterprise Centre on the Saxmundham Middle School site - for more detail, see the “reports & publications” page.




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