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The Big Society & Saxmundham

The central principle of the "Big Society" idea - or "Social Capital" - or the ˜Do-It-Yourself Society" is that we all need to take responsibility for our own communities, and not just expect the state to do everything for us. Its not a new idea and goes back over 50 years, but that vision could be a manifesto for social enterprise at its best.

In its bid to effect very substantial budget cuts, Suffolk County Council has said it plans to:

  • restructure,
  • outsource some services , and
  • reduce back-office staff

The result will be a smaller council, working in partnership with borough and district authorities and with community groups.

"We will work much closer with districts and boroughs and health organisations and working with the voluntary sector , who have a big role to play in developing the new strategic direction."

Jeremy Pembroke, Suffolk County Council leader

The Saxmundham & District Community Interest Company is in readiness to support the "Big Society" agenda and deliver for the Saxmundham and district community, in terms of economic, social, health and environmental improvements.

For more information on the government's "Building the Big Society", please click here.

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The government definition of the "Big Society"

"A society in which power and responsibility have shifted: one in which, at every level in our national life, individuals and communities have more aspiration, power and capacity to take decisions and solve problems themselves, and where all of us take greater responsibility for ourselves, our communities and one another"



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