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Prior to the granting of CIC status (December, 2007), The Saxmundham and District Community Interest Company (SADCIC) was formerly a company, limited by guarantee known as The Saxmundham & District Community Development Partnership.

“The Saxmundham & District Community Development Partnership Ltd” (SADCDP) was formed in February 2007, after several public meetings. It has a board of local volunteer directors who represent various community interests but make decisions for the benefit of the whole community. The directors are all unsalaried volunteers. The social enterprise converted into a Community Interest Company in December 2007.

For further information on past and present volunteer SADCIC directors, please click link below...

SADCIC Director Topline Competence Audit



SADCIC is about...


  • Locality
  • Community
  • Caring
  • Commitment
  • Independence
  • Responsiveness
  • Adaptability
  • Solutions focussed
  • A Business Approach
  • Innovation
  • Absence of bureaucratic restraints
  • Persistence...




SADCIC Objectives


  • To support the objects and priorities of the Saxmundham & District Community Development Plan (as defined by the Saxmundham & District survey of all interested parties), and in particular those projects listed in the Plan for which the lead agency is listed as the Saxmundham and District Community Interest Company.
  • To promote and further social inclusion and cohesion, and improvements in the quality of life of those living in Saxmundham and the surrounding villages.
  • To promote urban and rural regeneration.
  • To promote the provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure-time occupation.
  • To involve all sectors of the community, including young people, in the objects and running of the Company.
  • To support all aspects of education, training and learning.
  • To further such other charitable purposes as the Partnership may decide.


We welcome any comments, queries, suggestions or offers of help. Why not join the team? - get to meet others working for the local community, by contributing your experience, skills, qualifications and sheer enthusiasm - absolututely anyone and everyone welcome! Some work can be done by individuals at home with a computer, other work may involve teams and meetings.

We are not directly connected or run by any of our local authorities, although they did help to set us up. We do, however, work closely with them, and others, to regenerate Saxmundham and the surrounding area for the benefit of all local people

Our funding does not come from, or affect, local council tax. In the early stages funding has come from donations and successful bids to grant-making bodies eg The Lottery. Later funds will come from commercial trading revenues eg building/office rents arising from the current Community Enterprise Centre.

SADCIC aims to become commercially sustainable in the long-term and profits will be ploughed back into the business - cross-subsidising non-commercial community needs eg youth club, facilities for the disadvantaged. SADCIC must earn revenues in order to provide free and subsidised services for disadvantaged members of the community. It cannot operate unless it generates significant tradiing income...

SADCIC will, in particular, encourage and support other local social enterprises, including the formation of new social enterprises to provide employment for local disadvantaged residents eg those with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health problems and sensory impairments - and not forgetting the "lost generation" of local young adults who are not in education, employment or training (NEET).


Collaboration and Diversity Statement

In pursuing its aims to support the well-being of the local community, The Saxmundham & District Community Interest Company will actively seek to work in partnership with other public sector, private sector and third sector organisations.

We are a non-political and non-sectarian organisation run on democratic principles. We are strong advocates of the concepts of promoting equality, fairness openness and accountability treating all people according to their needs. No individual will be unjustifiably discriminated against.



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